About me and Pricing

Hi All,


My name is Annette Angelbauer and I am your organising and decluttering queen.

My business, Crystal Organising Consultants,  is your gateway to a clutter-free and tidy environment.

Decluttering is my passion and I show you how to make it yours too,  giving you an amazing sense of freedom.

I work with individuals, families, and businesses to help them declutter their surroundings.

My unique easy-to-follow programme leaves people feeling positive and free from clutter.

I love what I do and more so love the smiles of appreciation it brings.  This has been the most rewarding career and business I have had over the past 15 years.

No-one likes to part with their belongings and there’s a strong psychological reason for this. With my BA degree in Psychology and Sociology as my Masters, I can explain how psychology plays an integral part in the decluttering process.

Over the past few years, I have worked with a diverse range of clients and had to deal with issues such as decluttering, archives, estates, home staging, home moves,  implementing easy filing systems,  what to do with paperwork and documentation.  I have supported managers and CEOs and I can support you too.

I have used the 31 item challenge and have never looked back plus have saved money by not hurrying to the Black Friday sales.

I also hold various other qualifications which I acquired here in England.

Please contact me via my Skype button below and benefit from my quick and easy solution to clutter-free life.

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What does your “stuff” say about you

*          Nurture your self-image

*          Trust your decisions

*          Allow space in your life

*          Let go of the past.


Booking Times:               

3-hour slots

6-hour slots

9-hour slots


Fees per hour:                       

£75-00 per hour  (First hour free for new clients)