Organising and Decluttering Consultant.


Hi All,

Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and fed up of having to support a lifestyle that does not make you happy?

My name is Annette Angelbauer, I have helped many clients create a life, based on values, not things.

I help you to shop wisely for sustainable purchases that last a lifetime.  Ask yourself what is getting in your way to simplify life.

Are you drowning in stuff that you don’t need,  overwhelmed with life admin and too busy to sort your office or your home?

Talk to me for my professional help.  Together we can make the process so much easier for you.

Thinking of trying the minimalist way,  if it appeals to you, let’s talk, it is a slow process but once you are in the process you will feel more free to do life, more time and more money in your bank.

I can help you with all of these services and much much more.

A skype or one to one consultation is set up to determine what your needs are, and to prepare us for the task ahead.

Your Organiser